Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Specific Title

All right what has happened since my last post... I read the first of the Dark Tower series "The Gunslinger". I powered through it, since I heard it wasn't the strongest of the series, but felt I should read it regardless just to get the full experience. I have to say it wasn't as bad a read as I expected. Perhaps my opinion will change when compared to the rest, but I enjoyed it. Who doesn't find jawbones in their back pocket appealing? I know I do. So now I'm on to book two. "The Drawing of the Three". LOBSTROSITY!

I was accepted to Langara College in the Arts & Sciences University Transfer Program. Woot! Five of my previously taken classes from College six years ago actually transfer to UBC, so there's one semester out of the way! I had to take my math assessment last Friday, to place me in the correct course (since I hadn't taken math in over three years, this is a requirement). I studied and studied and got 92% on my assessment! I was very happy. Since the highest math I've done is grade 11, they technically were supposed to put me in Math 1150, which was still 2 courses away from my first year university level math! I was upset. I expressed this. Then the nice counsellor lady pulled some strings, and pushed me into Math 1152. Pre-calculus algebra. I don't know what that means either, but it's knocks one more math course out of my path so I was happies :) Teen has to register my courses for me since I'll be in Europe, but I'll be taking Math (on Monday and Wednesday mornings) and an Anthropology course on Thursday nights. YAY! Back to school, back to school.

I'm going to Europe, as I previously mentioned. Leaving July 3rd, excited! I'm all ready to go, minus getting my secret passport security device that I will hide under my shirt. And a travel towel. I will purchase those items today.

Oh and I want a puppy. A Shiba Inu. They're cute. I'll worry about that when I get home from Europe, and try to persuade my landlord that I'm a very responsible pet owner. We'll see how that flies...

Love Jenn

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's about time I became one of those annoying, environmental types. At least for one blog entry. We all know there are a ton of environmental films out there, reporting varying degrees of accuracy about how much we're fucking up our world, and here is another. "Home" A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. I threw that name out with no expectations of you knowing who he is, because I don't either. Yann could even be a woman.

*Time out*
*Time in*

I took that time to research Yann, and his brief outline will be thus:

1. Older French man (-1 point ;))
2. Is a photographer, journalist, reporter and environmentalist. (not lazy, +1 point)
3. He lived amongst a Massai tribe for 3 years to study the behavior of a lions’ family and took daily pictures of them during those years. (I like lions)
4. He founded the Altitude Agency, the world’s first press agency and images bank specialised in aerial photography. (Pretty cool)
5. Founded the international environmental organization "GoodPlanet", and set up the program Action Carbone to offset his own greenhouse gas emissions generated by his helicopter transports. Since then this program has evolved to help people and companies to reduce and offset their climate impact by funding projects on renewable energies, energy efficiency and reforestation.

Overall, I like this Yann guy. Better than David Suzuki. Let the verbal attacks begin.

Anyway I'd recommend this film:

It can be viewed on youtube until June 14th, so get on it! If nothing else, it has some pretty cool high def aerial shots of our planet and all is dwindling glory. It did, however, inspire me to make a few simple changes in my own life that (if we all banded together to work towards) could make a large impact on our planet. Some easy things we can do:

1. Avoid drinking/buying bottled water.
2. Drive as little as possible. (I think getting rid of trucky helped the world live an extra year.)
3. Replace all the bulbs in your house with low energy bulbs. (I read on a conservation site that if every home in the USA replaced just ONE bulb with these lower energy bulbs, it would be the equivalent of taking 7.5 million cars off the road... so fuckin' do it.)
4. Don't use plastic bags at the grocery store. (I just switched to cloth.)
5. Recycle. (I would hope we all do this...)
6. Wash your laundry in cold water. (I already do.)
7. Have shorter, less hot showers. Replace your shower nozzle with a lower pressure one. (I'll work on that... I like showers.)
8. Turn off lights/electric items as much as possible.

I would hope that the governments would implement some larger impact regulations such as solar panels on roofs, more efficient cars etc. Even if the coffee companies removed all paper/plastic cups and forced us to bring our reusable mugs in it would make a huge difference in the long run. For now, we do what we can.
I don't want to run out of fresh water. I don't want to melt the ices. I don't want to make Earth a large scale Easter Island fiasco. I like living by the beach, and not having the water flood my lobby by raising 21 feet in the next 20 or so years. Do your part. Only you can prevent ruining the world...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tegan and Sara's new website

This is blog-worthy. Tegan and Sara revamped their site to a fairly simple, white design. Which isn't the part that needed to be told. They are currently recording their newest album, and have promised to update us daily with blog/video/photo news. Yesterday Tegan dressed up a bat, and called herself Bategan. Incredible achievements.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Crazy outdoor adventure weekend!

What a rad, outdoor adventure weekend! I spent Saturday up at Whistler doing my first day of downhill mountain biking. It was sweet. My favorite run was called 'crank it up' because it had a ton of jumps and reminded me of the ol' motocross days. I was too afraid to bring my camera, but here are a few pics I found online of that run. There were about 15 or so jumps on it, and I believe I cleared all but 2 of them. FUN!

A jump I *did* do.
I was afraid of this box the first time, but I hit it the second. Hell yeah. (Scarier when you're on it than it appears).
Just some cool bridges through the runs. Some parts were fuckin' intense. Very narrow paths full of drops, roots and rocks, with trees only slightly wider than handlebar width. I managed to survive without falling but I had a few scares haha.

Then Sunday we hit up The Chief and had a wicked time. There were 8 of us, and we went up to second peak. I didn't have a hard time of it this year, like last when I almost barfed. My legs were burning already from the biking the day before, but it was still really fun. Chains and ladders! Then we had some dinner in Squamish and headed to Sam's for some hot tubbing/swimming good times. My body is super tired right now but it was worth it.

The Wedding - Pro Style

Meg and Shane just got their wedding photos in, so I thought I'd post a few for you all to see. You all being Peanut, Durka and Ellery. Without further ado:

Meg getting ready.Putting on the dress!Shane and Teen - preparation stages.

Helping Shane with his cufflinks.

Final cheers before the big event!

We had to jump around like retards while the girls watched.

The end!