Monday, May 31, 2010

Mumford and Sons

Last night Teen and I attended the much praised, sold out in minutes concert of London group "Mumford and Sons" and I can say with fair certainty it was the best concert I've ever been to. And I've been to Tegan and Sara many times.

Despite the show starting later than we expected, and there being an opener, and an extremely long sound check, it was still an amazing show. The energy was crazy. I think the venue helped with that. We were at 560 Club on Seymour, a new club which was really cool. Small-ish venue, and we were really close to the stage.

We took pictures! They all turned out fuzzy.

We took video! It had no sound.

You'll just have to trust me on how amazing it was. *Believe*
A couple videos so you get at least a taste:

EAT! Vancouver

This weekend Teen and I attended a food and cooking festival at the Convention Center.

It was a fun day with samples and large crowds (crowds not my favorite). We checked out a lot of stands of local products, bought some chocolate (I got sugar free, totes Insanity), tried some beer and tequila and watched our buddy Colman compete in the Chef off!

It was a half-hour competition similar to something like 'Chopped' on the Food Network. The two contestants receive a protein, vegetable, as well as a secret ingredient and have 30 minutes to complete it. Colman had a boneless pork chop, sausage, jicima and he brought Kraft Dinner (which we didn't really agree with... but whatever!) He finished on time, everything looked great, but he did however lose, by 1 measly point. Boo!

Pictures to come later :)

PS - We got free bags of kettle corn. Noms.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I went up to the Whistler Bike Park this weekend for the first time of the year! It was the last weekend for snowboading as well, so Teen came up and boarded and I biked. It was pouring down on our way up and I was a little unsure how it was gonna go. I also noticed as I loaded up that I had broken my derailer cable, it was frayed almost entirely off. I must've hit it into some branches or a rock earlier and not noticed. It ended up being a fairly simple fix that I got done up there before the ride, phew!

We had 8 of us biking, so it was a fun crew. I got to ride my favorite trail 'Crank it Up' about 5 or 6 times. It's a very flowey, jump track very similar to a motocross track. Probably why I love it so much. Yay getting air! I missed that riding the local hills, which don't have the big jumps that Whistler has. I mixed it up with a couple runs on the tight technical trails, but since it was wet a lot of the wooden platforms, rocks and roots were extremely slippery. Despite the slidey, muddy conditions, I managed to stay upright through the day. Two of our buddies didn't have so much luck. One girl flipped over down a jump and semi-dislocated her shoulder, putting her out earlier in the day. Denny also overshot a drop, fell off, slid off the trail and hit a tree, compressing his ankle. He spent a couple hours in the Whistler medical center getting x-rays and bandaged up.

I managed to ride the whole day out until the lifts stopped, and had a wicked time. My hands were fairly cramped at the end after a day of death-grip to hold on, but didn't give out like they had the year before when I first started. My friend Vicki and I also had a close encounter with three bears. We were riding down a technical trail, when she suddenly stopped and started pushing the bike back up the trail. I did the same, as she mentioned there were 3 bears right ahead of us. We pushed up a minute or so and looked back down. Two bears were play fighting while another stood a few feet from them, right on the edge of the trail. We didn't quite know what to do, and about 5 other bikers had gathered by us.

Finally one guy just blasted through and the bears got startled and moved a little off to the side. We figured we might as well just go, so we zipped by as far as we could get from them, but safely made it past. Phew! It's a dangerous world up there! Looking forward to the next weekend up :)

Insanity Downfalls

So this morning I came in to work, and Mel (a work friend who is doing Insanity with Bus Pass and I) had dropped out due to a calf injury she got in the workout. Bus Pass also is on the fence, since her brother (a personal trainer) thought she wasn't eating enough for the amount of cardio we're doing, without enough strength training, and she was losing even more muscle mass. I had noticed when I was biking that I had a lot more endurance than before, but my lower back was a bit sore. I think it's from some of the exercises where you have to go into a plank position like a pushup, and jump your feet up to your chest and back out again. Sometimes when I do this, especially at the end when I'm tired, jumping back out to plank hurts my back. It isn't severe, but I was noticing it and wondering if it might not be a good idea.

I set up a combination workout from a couple insanity videos, a couple P90's mixed in with running/biking and climbing. I think that will be a better overall workout for the longer term. I do think Insanity is good for a short period to really work on cardio/endurance but it is pretty extreme and maybe hard on the body in certain areas. I'm gonna finish off my final three weeks, but maybe make some adjustments on the jumping plank one so I don't hurt myself. I'm looking forward to this being done and getting to do some strength training though, too much cardio can get kinda boring.

Art Gallery vs. Science World

Daily blog post is proving difficult... sorry for the delay. Now for another exciting installment!

Saturday was learning day. Teen and I played 'tourist' and went to the art gallery and Science World! I must say, the art gallery can be extremely boring. There were only 2 floors open, the first one occupied by one artist who made short films, and some of her storyboards and sketches related to the films. The drawings were hardly anything I couldn't do, and the films were far from entertaining. Ayden gallery far surpasses the interesting/talented artists as far as I'm concerned. It was good to check it out, but overall I wouldn't go again unless an exhibit that interested me was coming to town.

Science World on the other hand, was awesome. Just the usual things that are always there, with an additional 'Treasure' area, but it's fun to do the puzzles downstairs and the games/experiments upstairs. Teen and I measured our ability to relax with a mind game where we each placed a band around our heads, and a small ping-pong like ball on a path was placed between us. The one who could think less, relax more, would push the ball towards the other. Not surprisingly I lost in about 4 seconds. My brainwaves don't like to chill, apparently.

So as for fun Vancouver tourist-y things go, Science World wins out by a landslide.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Omg cute!

I had to share, I've watched this three times this morning.

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

Insanity, you are aptly named.

I just started the last 4 weeks of Insanity... holy shit. The first month of this program consisted on 30-40 minute intense workouts, which were definitely a great workout but do-able. Yesterday, however, kicked my ass. I had to take many more breaks than were scheduled hah, but if I can last the 23 remaining days I will be victorious! Then I can form my own workout with parts of Insanity, P90x, running, biking and hiking.

Super shape? Maybe. Binge eating? Possibility. Only time will tell.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Climbing and Workout Results

Yesterday Pony, Teen and I went climbing at the Main St. gym. We had a fun filled time, with very few other climbers taking up the ropes. I climbed my personal best, a 5.10c. When I attempted a 5.10d, I failed miserably. Hard-style.

Teen did very well on her first time out in many years! Here are a few pictures of Pony climbing a crack (heh) and me belaying.

In other news, I measured myself after 5 weeks of Insanity. To be honest, I have had quite a few cheat days, and replaced some workouts with climbing, running or biking, but nonetheless, I got results!

Waist has gone down from 30 to 27.25
Hips have gone down from 37.5 to 35.25

Those were the only two with higher results, a little off legs and arms. It gives me a bit more motivation to do the last 4 weeks!

ORU - Delicious!

Last night Teen and I met my Dad and Step-mom for dinner in Coal Harbour. We tried a new restaurant my Dad found on Yelp; ORU. It is a blend of many Asian styles and foods, and despite the steep price tag provided a great meal.

Teen and I decided to share about 6 appetizers instead of going for full entrees. We chose wonton soup, summer rolls, tuna tataki, sablefish, Korean BBQ shortrib and lamb chops. Each dish was around $10. The sablefish was by far the best fish I've ever had, and I was least stoked about ordering it. The lamb was also amazing. Really, the only let down was the wonton soup, which we could've had for 1/3 of the price and much tastier at Hons.

To finish off we had these delicious banana fritters, like a deep fried banana with a coconut batter. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, dipped in a vanilla bean custard. NOMS!

The only thing that bugged me was that we were charged $8 for water... apparently it was some fancy mineral water or something, but boo.

Overall, a 4.5/5. I would very much recommend it for a special occasion, just drink water before you get there!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

OCD Progress!

Over the past few weeks I've been practicing my OCD steps. This week I was doing the 'post-pone and worry time'. Thankfully for some reason, I've had many less worries than usual. I have post-poned some of them, and it's been working fairly well. I'll still freak if I get in a bad situation, but small steps are good. Today I let Bus Pass drink out of my straw, and then I drank out of it. I KNOW!

No, she doesn't get cold sores, but I wanted to start my practicing somewhere.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few cool links

Firstly, Teen forwarded me a vimeo link to an animated explanation of the Greek Crisis. Though I wish it were longer (there are 2 episodes) I found the style cool. Take a look:

Secondly, I just found out that Microsoft has something called a SkyDrive. You can upload up to 25GB of backed up files for *free*! Just sign in with your windows live ID.

Cool style.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Simple Strategies to Achieve Goals

Achieving goals can be tough. We can overload ourselves with 'things to do' and end up sitting in front of the TV, too exhausted to deal with them. Here are a few things I've realized (and put to use) to help me achieve my goals, whether it's a large life goal, or something small like getting groceries on the way home (more of a task, than a goal really).

We can easily become overwhelmed, which destroys motivation. We need simple, clear plans of what we want or need to do. So to start:

1. Set Realistic Goals

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds in a month, it's not very likely you will achieve it (not that it's impossible, but it's not very likely). This will result in frustration, and eventually dropping the goal all together. Instead, choose something realistic, such as losing 3 pounds. When your goal is more likely to be achieved, you will be more motivated to get there. Smaller successes (the first pound) will feel like larger leaps towards success. If your goal is still to lose 10 pounds, you will be more motivated to continue your second month after seeing the loss in month 1.

2. Have a plan

Don't just say "I'm gonna lose 10 pounds". This is an abstract idea, that you won't be able to achieve as easily as setting up steps towards success. Set simpler, mini goals, to help you achieve these goals, and don't go overboard. The more drastic the change from regular life, or the more difficult the task, the more likely you are to stop it all together. Make it a part of your daily life. For instance:
- I will stop taking cream and sugar in my coffee
- I will do at least 3 serious workouts per week (again, make sure it's achievable)
- I will eat a healthy breakfast every day

3. Write your goals down and put them somewhere you see them often

The fridge is often a good place. You will likely be reminded of your goals every day, a little guilt never hurt motivation ;) I have set my goals into areas of my life such as career, personal development, financial, health, relationships etc. Each of my goals has it's mini sub goals, and I can keep an eye on my progress. Sometimes I can't work on all of my goals at once (usually always the case) so I'll focus on certain areas at different times. Having a timeline also helps, such as 'My 2010 Goals'.

4. Have a Most Important Task (MIT)

This can work for large or small goals. If you have a list of things to accomplish (fix the squeaky door hinge, do laundry, get light bulbs, re-do my budget etc.) choose only ONE thing that is your most important task of the day. In the morning, decide which task you are going to do this day, such as get light bulbs. Sure, the other things still need to get done, but you have been living in the dark for a week and these light bulbs need to be got! No matter what you do or don't do this day, you need to accomplish this task.

5. Do it before you sit down

I find with a lot of tasks or goals, as soon as I sit down and get distracted, or glaze over in front of the computer screen, I lose all motivation for getting back up and doing my task. I usually get the most done right when I get home from work, or right when I get to work (if I have little tasks like internet related things). When I get home from work, before I sit down or turn anything on, I will usually tidy the whole place. All dishes will get done, clothes put away, papers tidied, and then I'll do my workout. If I come in, take of my coat and switch on the TV, immediately the likelihood of those things getting done diminishes. Do it *now*. Same goes for longer term goals. Tell yourself all that matters is right now, and that right now all you have to do is this one thing. Saying "I'll do it tomorrow" will set a bad habit for yourself, and you will accomplish far less.

6. Reward your efforts

Sometimes if I'm feeling lazy, or not motivated to do something, I'll tell myself I can have a reward afterwards. Right now, my reward has been watching an episode of Dexter. If I come home and do my workout before I do anything else, I can watch Dexter that day. It also gives you something to look forward to, and a way to unwind and reward your achievements.

7. Don't rush

Don't quickly get your tasks out of the way by half-assing them. Remember, this is something you want or need. When you do something, do it 100%. It will help you get into the habit of doing things properly, will reduce the chance of you having to go back to it later and fix it up, and you will likely get more results out of it.

These are a few of my methods to keeping motivation up and achieving goals, I hope some of them work for you guys!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Life of Pie

Every few months I like to take a look at my life. How happy am I in each area? Is my life balanced? What do I need to work on most? I think of this as my pie chart of life. I usually come back to this reflection time when I feel out of balance (sadly this happens quite often).

I'm a huge list maker. I've been known to set way too many goals and then get overwhelmed by them all, which results in getting less done. Lately I've been trying to slow down and focus on the most important things first, so to help me figure that out I need to see where my life needs the most attention.

I recently found this 'life report card' on a blog and found it a helpful way to examine my life. Sometimes it will help you see things you need to work on that you may not have realized. It divides each area into sections, each taking up 10% of your total (personally I weighted some of these differently, but for simplicity this was the base):

Learning/Personal Development – 10%
Vocation/Career/Contribution – 10%
Romance – 10%
Social/Community – 10%
Home – 10%
Spiritual – 10%
Finances – 10%
Fitness/Health – 10%
Travel/Adventure/Fun – 10%
Possessions – 10%

The following questions will help you 'grade' each area of your life! Certain sections that are out of 10 don't have 10 questions, so just divide it by the questions amount to find your percentage. My total was 68/100. From there I can move forward and create my goals (I'll discuss this more another day).


Do you have a budget or a spending plan? (0-10)
How good are you at sticking to it? (0-10)
Do you have an emergency fund in case of the unexpected? (0-10)
Are you free of credit card debt? (0-10)
How much is your current income? (0-10)
How much are your current expenses? (0-10)
Are you investing part of your income into income generating assets? (0-10)
Are you saving for retirement? (0-10)
Do you have adequate insurance? (0-10)
What’s your net worth? (0-10)

Score - /10

Learning/Personal Development

Have you set short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals? If so, are you taking steps in order to achieve your goals? (0-10)
Do you treat yourself well? (0-10)
What’s your overall happiness level? (0-10)
Do you have a positive attitude? (0-10)
Do you venture outside of your comfort zone? (0-10)
Are you taking steps to improve skills that are important to you? (0-10)
Do you have high levels of confidence and self-esteem? (0-10)
Do you release negative feelings and emotions? (0-10)
How long does it take you to bounce back after a disappointment? (0-10)

Score - /10


Are you doing work you love? Are you passionate about your work? (0-10)
Do you feel like you’re making a contribution, or are you just working for a paycheck? (0-10)
Do you get along with your colleagues and supervisors? (0-10)
Do you have a long-term career plan? (0-10)
Are you working toward leaving a legacy? (0-10)
Are you expressing your creativity at work? (0-10)
How productive are you? (0-10)
Do you feel adequately compensated for your work? (0-10)
Do you like your work environment? (0-10)
Do you experience the state of flow when you’re working? (0-10)

Score - /10


Are you involved in an intimate relationship? (0-10)
Do you let your partner know what you want? (0-10)
Do you listen to your partner? Do you feel listened to? (0-10)
Are you good at resolving conflicts with your partner? (0-10)
Do you spend quality time with your partner? (0-10)
Do you respect each other? (0-10)
Are you both evolving separately and as a couple? (0-10)

Score - /10


Do you have a few, close friends you know you can always count on? (0-10)
Do you make time for your friends? (0-10)
Are you surrounded by positive, life affirming people, or by toxic energy-suckers? (0-10)
Do you make time or money donations to a cause you believe in? (0-10)
Are you involved in your community? Are you helping to make your community a better place to live? (0-10)

Score - /10


How would you rate your home environment? (0-10)
Do you have routines to keep your home neat and organized? (0-10)
Do you own or rent? Do you have a mortgage? (0-10)
Do you make necessary repairs around your home? (0-10)
Do you need to de-clutter? (0-10)
Score - /10


Do you feel connected to something larger than yourself? (0-10)
How good are you at forgiving? (0-10)
Do you engage in some sort of spiritual practice, whether it’s prayer, meditation, or attending religious services? (0-10)
Do you feel that there’s more love in your life than negative emotions? (0-10)
Do you feel inner peace? (0-10)
Do you feel that life has a purpose? (0-10)
Are you mindful? Do you live in “the now”? (0-10)
Are you generating positive karma? (0-10)
Do you practice compassion toward others? (0-10)
Do you feel a general sense of kinship with those around you? (0-10)

Score - /10


Do you get regular physical/dental check-ups? Do you have any current health concerns? (0-10)
Do you get enough cardio exercise? (0-10)
Do you lift weights? (0-10)
Do you eat nutritiously? (0-10)
Do you get enough sleep? (0-10)
Is your weight “normal” for your sex and age group? How about your percentage of body fat? (0-10)
Do you enjoy your fitness routine? (0-10)
Do you have ways to reduce stress? (0-10)
How is your overall energy level? (0-10)
Do you smoke or drink too much alcohol? (0-10)

Score - /10


Do you have any hobbies? Do you practice your hobbies? (0-10)
Have you done anything “adventurous” lately (bungee jumping, taking up a new sport, tried a new cuisine)? (0-10)
Have you taken a vacation to a place you’ve never been to before this year? (0-10)
Do you spend enough time on leisure activities? (0-10)
Have you been on any creative excursions lately? (0-10)

Score - /10


Do you take proper care of you possessions? Are your clothes/shoes clean and ready to be worn? (0-10)
Are you satisfied with what you have? (0-10)
Score - /10

Total Score /100

Painting Poem

I managed to incorporate nerdy evolutionary theory into my childish painting plan. For some reason after I sketched it out, this poem came out. I'm hoping it will distract from my horrible painting ability...

So he jumped with full might,
But no candy would fall,
For this short necked giraffe,
Laughing stock of them all.

Though he wished and he wished,
He could make his neck grow,
Lamarck's theory was wrong,
As Darwin's would show.

He was destined to loom,
In the shadows below.

Don't feel badly if you don't understand...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Photo Shoot

It was a beautiful day, and we found a new hat that fit us, so Teen and I headed to English Bay for a photo shoot! Here are some of the pictures:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fries or Salad… or baked potato? Can too many options be a bad thing?

Since yesterday I wrote how I was grateful for my options (which I very much am!) but I also realize how they can be somewhat of a burden. Over the past few months, I have been coming to Teen on a weekly basis with grand ideas of what I want to do with my life. It always starts with “All I’ve *ever* wanted is to: ‘insert idea of the week here.’”

She started writing down everything I said, because it was driving her crazy, and the list looked something like this:

All I’ve *ever* wanted is to:

- Live in Copenhagen
- Have a farm with a goat
- Wrap my belongings in a handkerchief, tie it to a stick and wander the world
- Trek in Nepal
- Climb Kilimanjaro
- Work on farms around Europe
- Drive across Canada and visit Newfoundland
- Race the Mongol Rally

I won’t bore you with any more since I’m sure you get the gist. After I realized how often I’ve been doing this (which I believe is partly due to an overpowering feeling of being tied down right now, which I can’t stand) I started thinking about how having so many options can actually be a bad thing.

If you think about people throughout history, until the last couple hundred years or so, we were quite limited. Even 50 years ago most people would get married and pop out kids as soon as they were done high school. Dad goes to work. Mom plays house, white picket fence and all that jazz. Now, especially in Canada and other 1st world countries, we have almost endless options. Career and lifestyle possibilities are incredibly diverse, and most of us are capable of living whichever way we choose. Now I don’t know about you, but for me this can be very overwhelming.

There are so many options; I just don’t know what to choose. I scatter around from one idea to the other, meanwhile not accomplishing any of them! It is clear, however, that I need to get the fuck outta dodge for a while before I lose my mind; which led me to my next question:

Why don’t we do what we love?

We spend an unbelievable amount of time doing things we don’t enjoy. Sure, there are a number of obligations that come with life; laundry, dishes, bills etc. but in the big picture so many of us lead our lives in mediocrity. What makes us hold back from what we *really* want? For instance, when you’re on your death bed and you think back to your life, what would you like it to have looked like? What would you like those around you to remember you for? If there were nothing standing in your way (no time/money/obligatory restrictions) what would you do? Who are a couple of your heroes? Why? And why can’t you be like them?

I believe the answer is in the ever competing fear vs. love. These are two of the core human emotions that we will base our decisions on. For instance, to answer some of the questions above:

I would like people to remember me for being hard-working, fun, adventurous, reliable, well-traveled and someone who achieves their goals. If I had nothing holding me back, no obligations, I would take off and backpack the world. So why don’t I? A never ending list of “I have a good paying job, I don’t want to burn a bridge, I’m in school right now, I have to pay my mortgage…” Basically, I haven’t gone after my dream because of fear. Fear that I will potentially damage my working relationships or be in financial trouble. I’m not living my life fully for the things I love, and I believe this is the obstacle that comes between people and their own happiness.

There are certain precautions we can take to fit our dreams into our routine lives. I could spend all year saving (I actually am) and when my contract ends, take off. I am planning on it.

This is just one example I’m currently struggling with. We only have so many years to live and I don’t want to remember my life and regret never trying because it was easier to keep doing what I’m doing. I guess you just gotta take that risk, do what your heart tells you and don’t look back.

Daily Challenge

Word of the day: Equipoise - A counter-balance.

I am grateful that I get to be an animator for a living.

Friday, May 7, 2010


So, since I've been strugging with stupid OCD forever, and lately it's gotten so bad I can't stand it, I've started working through my cognitive behavioral therapy. I got this great book called "Stop Obsessing" which is supposed to be the best book on OCD, and costs much less than the $160/hour psychologist sessions.

There are multiple categories of OCD, such as hoarders, checkers, washers, orderers, worriers etc. I fall mostly into the washing and worrying categories. The book gives multiple options of treatment methods for each category to help gain control over the obsessions.

For my first phase, I chose the options of post-poing obsessions, creating 'worry time' and writing down the obsessions. This week I've been writing down every obsession I have when I have it. The idea is partially to make obsessing a chore, so it's less likely to be something I want to do, as well as being able to get it out. Somehow looking at a piece of paper saying "If I don't put two markers standing up against my coffee mug when I leave the room, someone might drink out of it and I might get cold sores" make it seem more ridiculous than it sounds when I think/do it.

Next week I will start the post-poning/creating worry time. This method tries to take the power from the obsession, and help you gain control. When I get an obsession "What if the cup I drank out of had a virus on it? *worry, worry, worry*" I have to say to myself, "Ok, I will take time to worry about this later, but not right now, 10 minutes from now I will worry". I will try to distract myself with work or something else, then when 10 minutes comes up, I have to either post-pone the worry again if I think I can, or else sit there and spend as much time worrying about it as possible. When you *force* yourself to worry at a time it doesn't pop into your head, you control the worrying, and it has less power over you. Also, in the time I did try this, I found that I didn't feel like worrying when it came to worry time, which is hopeful! Sort of like putting off having a cigarette for a few minutes, and the urge dissipates.

It gets into more difficult exercises later, such as creating distressing situations for myself and breathing through the anxiety, but I'm not there yet. I tried last week to get a coffee from the guy up the street who had 2 cold sores on his mouth. I ordered and bought the coffee, but it ended up in the garbage without me taking a sip.

One step at a time.

Daily Challenge:

New word: Assiduous - another word for continuous or persistent.

I am grateful for the ability I have to choose how I want to live my life.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Accomplishing goals? Let's see shall we...

Last year, in January 2009, I posted about what I learned the previous year and what my goals are for this year. To re-hash old news, these were my 2009 goals:

Goals for the year:

1. Grow the fuck up! Steps I've taken so far include finally contributing to RRSP's, talking to a mortgage broker on Tuesday (yipes!), attempting to pay off my debt and filling out those adoption papers *kidding* (Clearly I attribute maturity to being financially responsible... boooring).
2. Take more risks (calculated of course, I'm not gonna go make out with people covered in herpes.)
3. Play an open mic.
4. Buy a condo.
5. Travel somewhere I haven't been (outside of BC).
6. USE the gym membership I just purchased.
7. Try yoga.
8. Be Robin Sparkles.
9. Get wicked at snowboarding (or, less not wicked).
10. Write the sweetest 'best man' speech ever! *Holy pressure! I better get over my stage fright, thank you tequila*

How much of this did I achieve? Broken down point by point.

1. I actually did all of this. I am debt free (minus my mortgage), have RRSP's and investment savings.
2. Did I take more risks... not sure. I took some financial risks, and did some things that scared me (but most things scare me). I give this one an undefined response.
3. I did *not* do this. In fact, I've hardly played at all lately. This is something I will work and taking up again once school is done.
4. I did buy a condo!
5. I traveled somewhere new, Cuba!
6. Let's not talk about this one...
7. Tried and disliked yoga. I gave it about 4 chances. Sorry yoga.
8. If this was referring to the 'Let's Go to the Mall' video, then yes, I was.
9. I got slightly better at snowboarding, but definitely not wicked. Since 'less not wicked' was also there, then yes I achieved my goal. (Less not wicked, wtf).
10. I wrote quite a good speech, and managed to say it in a semi-sober voice despite how wasted I was. Goal achieved.

Overall I got 7.5/10, not too shabby!

I suppose I should make some goals for this year. I already have my list on my fridge, but to break it down into a shorter more manageable list, here we go.

1. Continue doing Animation Mentor and keep in contact with my mentors.
2. Hike Garibaldi
3. Try outdoor rock climbing - scary!
4. Learn to paint! Our club will certainly help this.
5. Go to Japan and China.
6. Don't buy anything I don't need, unless it's travel related.
7. Work on getting my OCD under control.
8. Spend New Years with my friends this year :)

2010 Daily Challenges
9. Write in my blog every day (except when I'm traveling and can't get to a computer)
10. Put $1 a day into my change jar.
11. Write down 1 thing I'm thankful for each day.
12. Learn a new word every day.

So to start of my Daily Challenge:

New word: Perpend - It means to ponder.

I am grateful that I live in a Country where I don't have to fear for bombs hitting us on a regular basis. (A new guy at work is from Israel and explained the regular attacks from snipers and missiles).

Blogger, out.