Sunday, September 26, 2010

Missing Home

I'm really missing Vancouver today for some reason. It's been another long week. I have a shot that is taking way longer than I expected so it's been calling for some late nights and weekend workdays. Teen took off for Cambodia at 3:30am today; we got very little sleep.

Yesterday Teen and I went on an excursion through Singapore to visit Little India. We decided to take the opportunity while we're here to check out everything Singapore has to offer; which is surprisingly more than I thought. It's kind of known for 'shopping and eating' and that's about it. There is a rain forest park in the center of the country (about a 1/2 hour MRT ride) that you can go on hikes up to 5 hours. Many interesting locations around to experience both in terms of nature and culture, so over the months we will be checking them out, recording them with my new Canon T2i, and posting videos on "Do the World". I started editing "Little India" today :)

Last night we met up with Rob, Janette, James and Vic and went for a little night adventure of our own. We went to Aljunied, the hooker MRT stop, not to check them out but to try an interesting dish of frogs legs. We arrived at the restaurant, passing crates full of live frogs, where they seated us at stained patio furniture in an alley occupied by a rabid cat. Rabies is my new 'obsession' since I pet a stray kitten the other day and have been concerned about the consequences ever since.

Rob and Janette ordered a pot of chilli frog legs, and we all sampled them. They were a cross between fish and chicken, the taste of chicken but with a more delicate texture. They were nothing to write home about, and I wanted to save my appetite for the Thai food that we were heading to for our full meal. A few pad thai's later, we headed out for some beers, squashing a few lounging cockroaches on the way.

We ended the night at James and Vic's, where I was poaching a copy of Maya, watching Departures on their new projector, aimed at the wall. Oh what a night.

We caught the extended MRT train home (due to F1 weekend) by around 1:30 where Teen proceeded to pack for her 6am flight. Neither of us managed to get much sleep before she got up at 3am to head out in search of a taxi. I got about 4 or 5 hours before I got up and headed to work for a long and fairly stressful day. I'm now indulging in two 750ml beers, watching old Departures episodes and thinking of home.

It's funny that just the other day I was thinking how interesting it is that you can travel half way around the world, plop yourself down and try to make a little life, and amazingly, despite all the differences, you just carry on. You hang out with friends, go to work, grab some beers and life isn't all that different. Then other days, I'll see pictures from home and just wish I could be there, watching the seasons change with you all, chatting on the couch til midnight. A year goes by fast, and a year goes by slowly... it all depends on the day.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tennis Team

I have been recruited onto the LucasFilm tennis team, YEEHAW! Well, in actuality this was our first outing. We went to one of the girls' place closeby and had a super time, but it was very hot even after the sun went down. I hadn't played tennis in a few years, and I haven't played competitively since highschool, but I wasn't as rusty as I expected. I'm looking forward to continuing with Monday Night Tennis!

Last night was the second installment of White Night! We had a nummy shrimp dip, cheese plate, KD, Green Curry and a loooot of cookies. Below are some photos. The last one, where I look terrible, I had to post because I think my face looks like a cookie. Cookie face from eating 5 cookies.

Also this week I bought a laptop. I was planning on getting a Mac but in the end it lost and PC won. $2700 vs $999. Apple, get with the program duuude.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love Your Ride

The last week or so I noticed that when trains arrived at the MRT stops, a song would come on that reminded me of a SUPER old school Micky Mouse cartoon or something "The train is coming, the train is coming, the train is comiiiiiing!"

I found out later it was part of a Singaporean MRT announcement encouraging people to be polite on transit (which they very much aren't). Check this number out: Love Your Ride by the Dim Sum Dolly's.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Muffin Man

What's better way to spend a lazy Sunday than having a fresh-baked durian muffin with a side of barley drink?

Let me tell you... anything.

There is a muffin man in the local mall, which I'd picked up a couple delicious banana and blueberry muffins from earlier this week. Today, while browsing the mall again, I decided to take him up on his deal of buy 5 get 1 free. An assortment of lovely choices... and a durian muffin for my freebie, just because I had to.

For those of you who don't know, the durian is an offensive fruit, which is both loved and feared openly in Asia.

Singaporeans even built a building in it's honour, right in the main harbour area!

Signs like these frequent the city.

The fruit's pungent odor can be detected from close to a block away, hence the city wide warnings. The smell itself isn't too offensive, until you've tasted the fruit. The smell is then a reminder of the feeling that ensues after consumption, similar to smelling orange juice after a long night of screw drivers.

We picked up the half dozen and headed back home for a snack. I decided to wash it down with this strange barley drink I'd noticed a week or so ago.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I just don't have that much time, so have a look below to experience along with us.

Enough said.

To finish on a high note, this adorable puppy we saw in the pet store.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chores are boring

This last week has been very busy, very stressful, and very annoying. This is why I have not blogged! I had/have irritating tasks to accomplish outside of work, during work hours, and many of them didn't go as smoothly as I would've liked. I had to go set up automatic withdrawal for my landlady, so I took the almost 2 hour lunch, the two trains and a walk in the rain to the bank, the 30 minute wait, for them to tell me they couldn't process the papers because they couldn't decipher the branch code from the account number. Really? Thanks bankers. So I had to go back to work, find out from my agent that it was in fact the first three numbers of the account, and waste another 2 hour lunch, along with missing a meeting at work that I should've attended, to finally get that set up. Then I called to get the gas tank filled at home so we could cook. The lady barely spoke English, and then told me she couldn't send a guy unless I knew what size the tank was. Apparently me saying "like a BBQ propane size" wasn't good enough. Once I called back again and finally got her to understand the address, a guy came and filled it up while Teen was there. She left with him, and her and I met for dinner before going to pick up Ed from the airport. I decided to go back home and drop off my bag before we went to the airport, and when we arrived the whole place smelled like gas. The guy had left the burner knob on full and just left. So we had to open all the windows and doors and sit outside for 1/2 hour to air it out. Thankfully no one lit a match. I still have to find a post office to pay my $110 TV license fee, which you need to pay whether or not you have cable, but none are close to work and I'm tired of stressing out running around all day. Fuck you, TV license.


That is the end of my rant, it has been a stressful week. I also started my new episode at work so I'm getting used to the semi-rushed work atmosphere, which probably wasn't helping. I do really, really like my job though. I like it much more than chores. Needless to say, the last two nights have been beer-nights.

Tonight, we go to Bintan, Indonesia! I hope to relax there, have fun with Ed and Teen, and come back Monday with less anger.

Wow, what a bitter post. I'll talk to Yoda later and see what he has to say. Very wise he is.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The New Place

We moved! No longer are we in the service apartment. I found a place closer to work (about a 20 minute walk) and near Rob & Janette's place. Teen's aunt Dina gave us a bunch of stuff yesterday, since the place doesn't come with cookware etc., and drove us with all our stuff from Chinatown to our new place. We took a stop by Ikea on the way as well. This will be an expensive couple of weeks.

I'll still need to pick up a few things, a chair for the livingroom, a lamp, a side table etc. but we have the bulk of what we need. Here are some photos! It's very messy because we just dropped everything in here. Enjoy heh.

Here's the living room. We're on the main floor, which is nice, because we get a little grassy area and the rest of the units have no balconies. In fact, we came home today to have someone's laundry drying on our lawn. A guy came by later saying he had a deal with the previous tenant to dry his clothes there on Sunday's. I was a good guy and said that was ok. If anyone else tries pulling that though... fist shake!

I had to open all the cupboards and air the place out. I'll show it again once it's all fixed up!

Here is the bedroom.

This is the half bath.

The master bath.

This is where I found a gecko, got scared, and threw a bucket at it. I haven't been back in there since yestday.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do the World

We have now opened a new blog (linked on the right) "Do the World". This will be where Teen and I talk about our travels from here on. This blog I'll talk more about other life stuff :) Woot!