Saturday, January 28, 2012

February is just around the corner! So, first month back in 'normal life'. How is it going? For the most part, pretty well. I love my job, it has been a ton of fun and I've met some cool new people. I'm taking transit because I haven't saved up for a car yet, which is basically going fine as well. It's a little annoying that my 10 minute drive to work has turned into a 45 min. commute but at least I get a good 20+ minute walk every morning and evening. Fingers crossed the weather stays as dry as it has been, I think I've only used my umbrella 3 or 4 days this month.

As for working out, well I was on the ball for the first two weeks and then took a little bit of spill off course. I'm planning to be back on again now... as of today. No I will not eat that cookie.

My co-workers are apparently huge on baking treats for us daily; fudge, lemon squares, cookies, boxes of chocolates. What are they trying to do to me?!? Thankfully my willpower is decent and I've avoided 99% of this. My lead bought me a box of Poky on my first day (as he did the other animators) and I vowed not to open it at least through January. Box remains closed. I did have to hide it behind my monitor though. Chocolate is my weak spot.

I've been trying to spend a few hours on Sunday organizing a weekly meal plan and bringing lunches and snacks to work. It's been going well so far. Teen gets home a few hours before me so she can usually start dinner, and we've been saving a lot more money (and I'm sure calories) than if we ate out as much as before.

I just weighed myself, and am down 5 pounds since the start of the month! I didn't expect that, but I guess the healthier eating and 45 minutes of walking plus P90X has made a difference. Take that Singapore!

So, back to animation... God do I ever shut up about animation? No. I don't. I don't know how Teen has put up with me this long. Anyway, so I had a thought that if 2d animation came back in a big way, I'd be out of a job. You see, I understand all the fun parts of animation, timing, spacing, squash and blah blah. But I can't draw. Like, at all. My stickmen suck. I can pose a 3d character and it will look all pretty. See my thumbnails? I can't even make out what I was trying to portray. So I decided to practice. I have this 2d program called Flipbook, and last night I whipped out a quick little jump animation to try it out. This isn't by any means kick ass, but with my limited drawing abilities and useless wacom skills... I'd give it an 'ok'.


I'd like to try and do a weekly quick animation in flipbook for the next 3 or 4 weeks to see if my drawing can improve or maybe even my animation!

Sitting, Health and the Pedometer:

Someone linked an article this week at work about how sitting is severely damaging to your health. Apparently, even if you work out a lot (1 or more hours a day) but sit for an extended period, like 8 hours at work, and 4 hours on the couch, your body is paying the price. The article recommended getting up every hour for at least 30 seconds and taking a little wander or stretching and touching your toes etc. It was funny to see how many people started getting up all day long. Me included. I think I went to the bathroom and kitchen 10 times that day. I also downloaded a pedometer on my iPhone (as suggested) to see how many steps you take a day. I really had no idea. I now know now that I take about 100 steps a minute (or 6,000 an hour). There was this whole 'walk 10,000 steps to health' campaign I've on and off heard about, but wow that's a lot of walking! Yesterday, just out of curiosity I kept the pedometer on. Not counting the little wanders around the house or office, I walked 7238 steps. That's actually pretty good. To and from work, out for a lunch break walk, and then up the road to grab an afternoon coffee; 1 hour and 13 minutes of walking!


I was reading another article which suggested a challenge of making an infographic of a breakdown of your weekly expenditures. Am I a nerd? Anyway, I don't have time for infographics, but I am a huge fan of lists so here is my breakdown (not counting the usual mortgage and bills):

Rockclimbing: $20.16
Groceries: $34.14
Restaurants: $23.63
Coffee: $7.28
Car2Go: $23.13
Total: 108.34

Not bad actually. Usually I try to limit my weekly spending to $200 after bills; so all entertainment and food. Woot!


And to wrap up, I have officially ordered Puppy McPupperson. Not sure of exact take home date and she isn't born yet, but around July/August. Exciting!

That's all for now, take care kiddos!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year Part 2

I just started up my new job at Image Engine, very exciting! The New Year also brings back an exercise regime. I started P90X 2 this week, having completed the first four days. So far it's been a lot of fun; not necessarily harder than the first but a bit different so nice to switch things up. I am gearing up training for Tough Mudder. I'll be entering this at the end of June with a few friends (unless we all back out)...

I also did my yearly review and set up my goals for 2012. I managed to complete a lot last year; most notably living and working overseas, and traveling Asia for 3 months. What an amazing experience. Though, even with the rain, I sure am happy to be back in Vancouver. I hearts Vancouver.

Goals for January!

- Get my finances back in order! Being out of the country for a year and a half and having to become a non-resident kinda screwed with a lot of that so... back on track.
- Start P90X 2. This is 3 months, and I plan to following it properly if I can. Thankfully this program is 5 days a week instead of 6, so it's a little more manageable time wise.
- 30 Day Challenge: No added sugar. I'm cutting out chocolate, sweets, and adding sugar to my coffee/tea for the month. I think I had enough in December for a few lifetimes.

We'll start with that... that'll be good.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

2012 OMGZ! Well the Christmas glutton fest has officially ended! We had some fun times in Victoria playing with little Audrey, and a super New Years in Langley. Some photos from the holidays:

Meg and Audrey

Playing with little Audrey

Our Tropical theme, with two warriors...

New Years

There were also boys at New Years, but apparently we only took a few pictures... Teen and I also did our first Polar Bear swim in English Bay this past weekend. It was cold, but I think all the adrenaline makes it not as bad as you'd think. GT's all around! I didn't get any pics but I'm sure Durka will be able to post some soon.